Statement on September homeless figures

Mr. Eoghan Murphy TD, Minister for Housing, Planning & Local Government, today, (24 October 2018) published his Department’s September Homelessness Report. The report, based on data provided by housing authorities, captures details of individuals accessing State-funded emergency accommodation arrangements that are overseen by housing authorities.

National Figures September 2018
Adults 5,869
Families 1,753*
Dependants 3,829

 *Adults associated with these families are included in the 5,869 figure

 Nationally the number of persons accessing emergency accommodation increased by 171 persons (1.79%) when compared to August. The report shows an increase of 35 adults and 136 dependants.  However, new data shows that for a second month in a row family presentations in Dublin are down, and the number of new families entering emergency accommodation is also down. Furthermore, in Dublin in the month of September, 119 families were prevented from entering emergency accommodation, while 45 families exited emergency accommodation.

The table below shows a breakdown of the families presenting to homeless services in the Dublin region from July to September.

Month Total Families Presenting Preventions Entered Emergency Accommodation Families exiting homelessness
Jul-18 252 130 122 79
Aug-18 238 125 113 83
Sep-18 207 119 88 45


The table below includes a breakdown of presentations to homeless services in the four Dublin local authorities for the month of September.

Presentations Preventions Entered Emergency Accommodation Exits
DCC 104 55 49 22
DLR 11 8 3 2
FCC 44 27 17 11
SDCC 48 29 19 10
Total 207 119 88 45


Commenting on the figures, Minister Murphy said, “We are still very much in the midst of a crisis in homelessness in this country, despite the increasing numbers of new social houses being built and house building more generally. Until we have caught up with supply, we will continue to face a serious challenge. More effort is needed and more emergency responses are needed, and the provision of extra money in the budget, for this year and next year, is demonstration of the government’s determination when it comes to our homelessness crisis. Regulation of the short term rental market as well as greater protections for tenants, both of which are imminent, will also play an important role in making better progress.”

“I don’t want to see any new families in emergency accommodation, but it should be noted that the work of authorities with our partners in the NGO sector has resulted in more than 160 family preventions and exits in Dublin in the month of September and that is very welcome. Families are getting the help they need, but clearly not enough of them.”

The Government is making all the necessary resources available to the local authorities. Budget 2019 reflects this commitment by allocating an additional €30 million for homelessness services (bringing to €146 million the total for 2019); €60 million extra in capital funding for additional emergency accommodation and €1.25 billion for the delivery of new social homes”.