Minister Murphy publishes Quarter 3
Social Housing Construction Status Report

On 6th December, Minister Murphy published an updated status list of social housing construction schemes that are advancing nationwide. This publication shows that at the end of 2017’s third quarter, there are now 772 schemes which will deliver 12,300 social homes. Of this there are 191 schemes on-site nationwide delivering 3,660 homes with a further 1,939 due to go on-site shortly. 

“We have committed to publishing quarterly updates regarding social housing construction schemes and this latest one is to the end of Quarter 3 of 2017. All of the listed projects, that in total are delivering 12,300 new homes, are important to people on the waiting lists around the country. There are 3,660 new homes now under construction, on top of those already built since Rebuilding Ireland was launched, with more starting on site in early 2018. Each of these homes is, or will soon be, a high quality social home, with good design and sustainable communities, as central priorities in their design and location”.


Minister Murphy: “This is the first Social Housing Construction Status Report that I have published since we announced that the target for delivery of social homes under Rebuilding Ireland has increased to 50,000, from the original target of 47,000. Funding of €6 billion is now in place to support this delivery. Additionally, in September I announced under the Review of Rebuilding Ireland that we are redirecting resources from acquisitions to direct build programmes for local authorities and approved housing bodies and this will be reflected in the construction programme as we move forward.  I also announced that Minister of State Damien English will lead a new delivery team in the Department to work with local authorities and approved housing bodies. That team is now being established and will have at the centre of its work, the advancement of all of the projects reflected in the construction status report. We are now seeing more and more projects start and finish on-site with each quarterly report and the extra financial and human resources we are making available will enhance this activity”.

It should be noted that this is the fourth Social Housing Construction Status Report published and since the last report, which was to the end of Quarter 2 of 2017, the number of new, individual social homes being developed and represented on the report has risen from over 11,000 to over 12,300 and will continue to increase.