National Vacant Housing Reuse Strategy 2018-2021

  • Pillar 5 of Rebuilding Ireland, the Government’s Action Plan for Housing and Homelessness, sets out a range of measures to assist in meeting Ireland’s housing needs by ensuring that Ireland’s existing housing stock is used to the greatest extent possible. An overarching action within that Pillar is a commitment to develop a National Vacant Housing Reuse Strategy. This Strategy strives to provide a targeted, effective and co-ordinated approach to identifying and tackling vacancy across Ireland.
  • The Strategy contains a range of objectives and key actions which will be pursued in partnership with stakeholders and agencies across the housing sector to address vacancy in our housing stock.
  • The Department, local authorities and other stakeholders have been working hard on the issue of residential vacancy since 2016 and the National Vacant Homes Reuse Strategy draws together all of the strands of ongoing work in one document with a clear vision for moving forward in the next few years.
  • This Strategy acts as an overarching roadmap for the co-ordination and implementation of initiatives right across Government to ensure that we are utilising our existing housing stock to the fullest extent possible and aims, inter-alia, to return as many recoverable vacant properties back to viable use as possible, increasing the supply of sustainable housing available, while also revitalising the vibrancy of local communities.

‘This Strategy strives to provide a targeted, effective and co-ordinated approach to identifying and tackling vacancy across Ireland’


  • Further information on the Strategy can be obtained by e-mailing the dedicated address:

To accomplish the overall Strategic Objective, this Strategy has five key objectives:


    Objective 1


Establish robust, accurate, consistent and up-to-date data sets on vacancy.


    Objective 2


Bring forward measures to ensure, to the greatest degree possible, that vacant and underused privately owned properties are brought back to use


    Objective 3


Bring forward measures to minimise vacancy arising in Social Housing Stock.


    Objective 4


Continued engagement with and provision of support to key stakeholders to ensure suitable vacant properties held by banks, financial institutions and investors are acquired for social housing use.


    Objective 5


Foster and develop cross-sector relationships, collaborating in partnership to tackle vacant housing matters.