Minister Murphy’s statement on February homeless figures

Mr. Eoghan Murphy TD, Minister for Housing, Planning & Local Government, today, (27th March 2019) published his Department’s February Homelessness Report. The report, based on data provided by housing authorities, captures details of individuals accessing State-funded emergency accommodation arrangements that are overseen by housing authorities.

National Figures                 February 2019                   
Adults    6,480
Families    1,707*
Dependants    3,784

*Adults associated with these families are included in the 6,480 figure

Commenting on the figures, Minister Murphy said,

“The increase in homelessness in February is hugely disappointing. Our plans to fix the supply of both social and private housing are working and this is borne out by the most recent build figures. The latest RTB report also shows rent falling at the end of 2018. And yet still we see more people entering emergency accommodation.“

“I am in constant contact with local authorities and am working with them to help move families out of emergency accommodation and into sustainable housing solutions. As well as the increased supply of social housing, HAP will continue to play a vital role in providing families with a place to live until supply catches up. We will continue to work with families to demonstrate the benefits of this scheme over emergency accommodation.”

“Further reforms to the rental sector containing new protections for the most vulnerable in our housing sector, including longer notice periods will be coming before cabinet in the coming days. Details will be published next week.”