Minister Murphy Publishes the
November Homelessness Report

Mr Eoghan Murphy TD, Minister for Housing, Planning & Local Government, today (19 December 2017) published his Department’s November Homelessness Report. The report, based on data provided by housing authorities, captures details of individuals utilising State-funded emergency accommodation arrangements that are overseen by housing authorities.


National Figures November 2017
Homeless Adults 5,524
Homeless Families 1,530 *
Dependents 3,333

* adults associated with these families are included in the 5,524 figure


Commenting on the report Minister Murphy said: “Obviously the increase in November is disappointing. But, for individuals, it does mean that more rough sleepers are now engaged with our services. We were anticipating an increase in the number of homeless adults recorded in November because we have been bringing new bed-spaces on-line as part of both our cold weather initiative and the opening of new facilities as promised. What this means is that people who had been sleeping rough are now engaged with homeless services and so included in the numbers. We had been preparing for this increase and additional resources were made available – resources won’t be an obstacle to helping these people and finding them a pathway to secure, sustainable homes.”

“Looking at the number of successful exits so far this year, we can give people hope that solutions will be found. In 2016 housing authorities assisted over 3,000 adults exit homeless services into independent tenancies. While this represented record output at the time, based on figure collected from housing authorities to date for 2017, I expect that 4,000 exits will be achieved nationally this year. That’s secure, stable and supported tenancies that have been created for 4,000 adults who were either in emergency accommodation or immediate risk of homelessness.”

The Minister acknowledged the excellent work being carried out by Dublin City Council to ensure the delivery of over 200 additional bed-spaces for homeless individuals and couples this winter.

 In relation to families, the Minister commented: “Presentations of families to our homeless services continued across the country in November. The increase since July has been most significant outside of Dublin where the challenge clearly demands our focussed attention and similar supports to those that have been in place in the Dublin Region are needed.

While the situation in Dublin had been stabilising since July, in November presentations continued as in October, but disappointingly there weren’t as many exits as there had been in previous months. The Dublin authorities have been working on the delivery of a number of family-focussed facilities, family hubs, with some 300 families already accommodated in such arrangements and further new facilities to open in the coming weeks. We will find additional opportunities for exits as new homes are brought into the social housing stock on a weekly basis, we will continue our hub programme; and we will redouble our efforts on prevention. Families and children in emergency accommodation are our first concern.”