Minister Murphy Publishes Social Housing Construction Status Report for Q1 2019

Minister Eoghan Murphy today (21 June 2019) published the Quarter 1 2019 Social Housing Construction Projects Status Report, which sets out the continuing progress being made in advancing the national Local Authority and Approved Housing Body new-build construction projects.

Quarter 1 Delivery Outputs show that almost 6,000 housing solutions delivered in the first three months of 2019, over 21% of the ambitious target for the year, with progressively increased output expected throughout the remainder of the year as developments in the pipeline materialise.

There are now over 20,000 build homes at various stages of the build pipeline.  The full programme listed in the report now includes 1,416 schemes (or phases), delivering 20,324 homes – a substantial increase on the 14,813 homes which were in the programme at the end of the same quarter last year.

Download: Full Q1 2019 Construction Status Report