Minister Coveney launches Limerick Regeneration
Framework Implementation Plan Review

Mr. Simon Coveney T.D., Minister for Housing, Planning, Community and Local Government visited Limerick today to view first-hand the work underway on one of the largest Regeneration Projects in the State and to launch the Review of the Limerick Regeneration Framework Implementation Plan. The Implementation Plan was launched in 2013 and it envisaged a works programme estimated at €293m, comprising of €253m in physical works and €40m in economic and social initiatives.

The review being launched by Minister Coveney shows that significant investment in social and economic support is having real impacts on the lives of people living in the regeneration communities and in the wider city areas. Investment in school services, community centres, family support and youth work and activities for young people, have supported increased attendance at schools, a reduction in early school leaving, and higher numbers going on to third level education.

Speaking at the launch, the Minister said: “this Review, coming as it does over two years since the Implementation Plan was launched, is an important milestone. It allows us to take stock of progress, to see the good impacts that are happening and also to identify the remaining challenges as we continue the regeneration effort. The problems faced in Limerick when the Implementation Plan started were real and challenging and are still being addressed. But the progress and the level of investment already made are also real. We need to build on the success achieved to date and continue collaboration across all agencies and community interests, so that all the recommendations you have set out in the Review can be delivered”.


“Under Limerick Regeneration, an ambitious plan for almost 600 new housing units is being advanced, along with the upgrading of 1,400 existing houses.”

Under Limerick Regeneration, an ambitious plan for almost 600 new housing units is being advanced, along with the upgrading of 1,400 existing houses. One hundred and ten new social homes have already been delivered under regeneration, a further 131 units are under construction and the remainder are in preparation. Nearly 900 of the upgrades of the existing homes have either been completed or are in preparation.

Investment in social and economic supports is also a key part of the regeneration response. Training for residents in new work skills and investment in community and social enterprises and in strategic projects has resulted in over 300 jobs. The regeneration-supported Hospitality Education and Training Centre in Roxboro has achieved a stunning 85% placement rate from the training course that finished recently and some 250 full and part-time jobs that have been secured to date, 220 went to people from the regeneration areas. It is a success story of the regeneration project.

The Minister remarked: “these are exciting times for Limerick and I’m glad to have had the chance to recognise the shared effort under regeneration of the communities, the Council and of a range of State and philanthropic supporters who all want the best for Limerick. The projects being advanced under regeneration will continue to stimulate the economic, social and physical regeneration of the city”.

The Minister commended the communities in the regeneration areas for their participation and strong input into the regeneration programme.