Minister Coveney’s statement
on January’s homeless figures

The Minister for Housing, Planning, Community & Local Government Mr. Simon Coveney,T.D., has said that “The homeless figures published today reflect the work that is being done to ensure that sufficient beds are in place for rough sleepers and the drive to ensure that more families are exiting homelessness than are entering it. Last year in excess of 2,700 families exited homelessness and the level of ambition is greater again this year.

Homeless HAP, along with other social housing supports, is making an important contribution to increasing exits from homelessness. Last year 810 homeless households were supported into secure tenancies with the Homeless HAP. Already this year 317 homeless households have been supported in the same way. We are front-loading our efforts to ensure that the existing group of families accommodated in hotels move out as quickly as possible so that by mid-2017 hotels will only be used as emergency accommodation in exceptional circumstances.” 

“Last year in excess of 2,700 families exited homelessness and the level of ambition is greater again this year.”

A HAP Place-finder service, operated by the Dublin Region Homeless Executive (DRHE) is helping people to secure tenancies under the Homeless HAP pilot scheme. From the first week of March, a Homeless Place-finder service will be rolled out by Cork City Council to seek out potential properties under the mainstream HAP scheme. This will be given the capacity to pay over a deposit and one months rent in advance. It will also be encouraged to utilise the full 20% discretion available to secure suitable tenancies.

“Since we launched Rebuilding Ireland last year we’ve made continued efforts to deliver the objectives in the plan in relation to dealing with the problem of homelessness. This Government will continue to do everything in its power to tackle homelessness. I am committed to the ending of the use of commercial hotels for emergency accommodation for families, except in exceptional circumstances and the figures for January offer some encouragement in this regard.

Multiple initiatives to bring vacant properties into use are underway with both the Housing Agency and Local Authorities. The number of Homeless HAP tenancies to be delivered in Dublin this year is 1,200. To date we have achieved 317 such tenancies. While we are finding more homes  for people who are homeless, we remain  focused on increasing supply which is at the centre of our housing difficulties. This year will continue to be challenging but I will work with my colleagues in Government and the various Non-Governmental Organisations (NGOs) to address the significant challenge that homelessness brings” concluded Minister Coveney.


  Jan ’17 Dec ’16 Difference
Homeless Adults 4,760 4,643 117
Homeless Families 1,172 1,205 -33
Dependents 2,407 2,505 -98

Dublin Only

Homeless Adults 3,247 3,162 85
Homeless Families 1,007 1,028 -21
Families in hotels 730 738 -8
Dependents 2,046 2,096 -50

Rest of Country Only

Homeless Adults 1,513 1,481 32
Homeless Families 165 177 -12
Dependents 361 409 -48