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Pillar Three: Build More Homes

Rebuilding Ireland’s third pillar will focus on improving the viability of housing construction, with the objective of doubling the completion level of additional homes in the next four years to deliver over 25,000 homes on average per annum.

A €200 million Local Infrastructure Housing Activation Fund (LIHAF) will provide much-needed enabling infrastructure on key sites to open up lands for early development, greatly enhancing existing measures in relation to construction growth, and many of the new initiatives under Rebuilding Ireland.

In addition to the large-scale off-site infrastructure to be funded under the LIHAF, the NTMA, through the Ireland Strategic Investment Fund (ISIF), is developing proposals to offer competitive financing on a commercial basis, and in line with ISIF’s statutory mandate, to meet other infrastructure requirements on large development sites.

A key objective of this plan will be ramping up the production of additional new housing stock in regional cities with a balanced approach between providing housing that is built for owner occupation as well as housing for both the private and social housing sectors that is “built to rent”.

homes being provided per year by 2021

Pillar Actions

  • We will ensure that an average of 25,000 homes are produced every year in the period to 2021.
  • We will invest €200m in key supporting infrastructure to get large sites moving and thereby increase the supply of affordable homes for sale and rental.
  • We’ll speed up the planning process with applications for 100+ housing units going straight to An Bord Pleanála.
  • We’ll run competitions to encourage innovative housing design and delivery and to foster a skilled construction sector.
  • We will work with other State agencies, NTMA/NAMA to fund and encourage increased construction across the country.
  • We’ll put in place a long-term 20-year National Planning Framework and land management strategy to make housing supply more stable and sustainable.

Presentations made at Pillar 3 Launch

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