Rebuilding Ireland

Action Plan
for Housing and

About the plan

Designed to accelerate housing supply in this country, Rebuilding Ireland is tackling our country’s housing shortage. This action-driven plan will result in a dramatic increase in the delivery of homes nationwide. Ambitious and imaginative in its reach, and radical in its approach, this plan will address the needs of homeless people and families in emergency accommodation, accelerate the provision of social housing, deliver more housing, utilise vacant homes and improve the rental sector.

A significant priority for the Government, this innovative and future-facing plan of action ranges across financing measures, better use of existing homes, new construction and rental sector improvements, while effective methods for delivering on the plan’s stated ambitions will also be refined.

“We are on a mission to ensure that everyone can access a home, either with support from the State or from their own resources. This is a major priority for the Government and we are determined to deal with the dramatic under supply of housing and the effect it has on people and communities. This is an action-driven focused plan with substance committed to a major increase in delivery of homes year on year to 2021”

Simon Coveney TD. Minister for Housing, Planning, Community and Local Government